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We apply advanced technologies to create an individual approach and ensure integration into the Customer's business. We supply industry logistics solutions to global companies, and we are experts in rapidly changing markets such as fashion, retail, production of mass-market goods.
01Our Customer’s success is our main goal
High-quality service and individual approach have become hygiene factors in the relationship with a modern Customer. Our goal is to help every Customer achieve success through engagement with our team.
02Compliance with international standards
In 2016, we achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, and we are audited on an annual basis. Internal quality standards and regulations significantly exceed the requirements of applicable international standards.
03Information support
The real future is inconceivable without digital economy, so our IT system is continually evolving in this direction, ensuring automated data and document exchange with all our counterparties.
04Capturing contractual terms
When negotiating an order with Customers and suppliers, our professionals strive to make all of the contractual terms clear and precise. We discuss SOP and SLA with our Customers and based on check-lists, we monitor all terms of cooperation on a monthly basis.
05Continuous development
Being aware of the key importance of labour division for the competitiveness of the Company, we develop both vertical and horizontal components. The vertical one envisages constant accumulation of knowledge and competences of our employees, whereas the horizontal one incorporates constant improvement of technological processes and development of new services.
06 Focus on each Customer

We have no VIP Customers! We view every Customer as a VIP and respected them. We especially appreciate relations with those Customers who treat us as their strategic business partner.

thousands tons of cargo was transported in 2018
thousands tons of cargo was transported in 2018
Preventive risk management
Risk management is used by STALOGISTIC management not only to build a modern business model of operation, but also for a wide range of services, which we supply to our Customers. This allows us to anticipate all possibilities, risks, probability of their occurrence and severity of possible damage prior to the fulfilment of contractual obligations.
Use of advanced technologies
Large-scale implementation of QuikView-based business intelligence allows us to monitor hundreds of KPIs of our activities online, enabling adequate and profound analysis of all phases of the Company's activities.
Continuous development
The driver of our continuous development is our strong management team, whose qualifications are continuously growing as a consequence of adopting best market expertise from carriers. We believe that one of the best competences of the 21st century will be the ability to “unlearn” in order to make room for new knowledge and approaches in doing business.
We build only correct cooperation relationships
Interaction with counterparties, as well as engagement with people, states, etc. can only take one of two forms — either confrontation or cooperation, either war or peace. The distinction between these types of relationships goes along the thin line of deception, i.e. conscious or unconscious confusion of the other party. Therefore, our principles include: never be the first one to cross the line of deception in order not to create illusions and false expectations, and always stand by our promise.
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