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STALOGISTIC confirmed the current ISO certificate of quality!

STALOGISTIC audit was completed under the current ISO 9001: 2015 certificate on November 30th.

Officially, the Company complies with the international quality management system since 2016.

Approved Certificate ISO.JPG

During the audit, the representative of the certifying company analysed the external and internal documentation, the rationality of business processes and the corporate environment.

To conclude the audit:

1) All documents are completely correct (policy, objectives, QMS orders, audit program and register, risk passport, plan report, quality report, summary report, meeting protocol, annual plans, supplier evaluation card, quality management; order registers of accounting / personnel units, personnel files of employees, safety at work registers, internal work regulations, etc.)

2) The auditor positively evaluated the regulation of internal business processes and mechanisms of interaction with contractors (liability insurance, contract approval process, technical interaction between offices, SRM system for checking contractors, employees work of filling in and reporting with CRM system).

The auditor congratulated us on the renewal of the certificate, highlighting the level of work in the organization, automatization and quality of business processes and working conditions at the company.

Activity of certificate.png

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