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Results of STALOGISTIC’s anniversary year and growth plans for 2019!

The calendar year 2018 is over and we would like to summarize the results for the STALOGISTIC group and present the key indexes in infographs.

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In 2018, the number of orders increased by 7%. The growth of company's income exceeded 15% due to the integrated customer service when we deliver the entrusted cargo and also perform the storage and customs’ clearance.


The number of employees in the company increased by 10%. We expect the full engagement of new employees and their impact in achieving the company's KPI (Key Performance Indicators) in the first half of 2019!

NPS, SC.png
We could like to remind that year of 2018 was declared the year of quality in STALOGISTIC. We’d set targets for quality of our service and were very close to be succeed – NPS (Net Promoter Sore) is 66%, special cases caused by STALOGISTIC – 1.27% of the total number of orders. We have to admit that our target was not to exceed 1%, thus we’ve already started to implement decisions to reduce special cases amount in 2019!

We launched new projects:

1)      Distance learning system on the “Knomary” platform – STA University;


1)      System for managing changes and projects based in Megaplan platform.


We were constantly improving our ERP and CRM solutions. We significantly advanced in the field of electronic document management system with many of our clients and suppliers. By the way, 2018 became a year of expanding the use of digital technologies. There is no future without technology!

We appreciate our clients, partners and employees for the successful collaboration in 2018.

We have a lot of development plans for 2019 and we’ve already started the realization of them with a strength gained during the New Year holidays!

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