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Strategic session in Vilnius: results of completed and active projects

Dear Colleagues and partners!

On January 26, the team of STALOGISTIC executives gathered for a strategic session in Vilnius to summarize and evaluate the effectiveness of projects’ implementation in 2018, as well to decide for company’s future actions.

At the beginning of 2018, 22 strategic projects were initiated in the company. These projects were aimed at finding and developing new service solutions, improving the quality of customer service, staff development and other aspects of our work.

After summarizing the results we can talk about the successful completion of 6 projects. The active implementation of another 7 projects is actively going on and is planned to be completed this year. The remaining projects were suspended or terminated earlier.


We want to inform you about some successfully completed projects of the past year:


Launch of a distance learning system – STA University, where the adaptation and training of all employees of the company is carried out.


Currently, the portal has more than 100 internal courses designed to improve the knowledge of all services provided by the company, skills in working with customers, personal development and general corporate rules and regulations.


The implementation of this project has significantly improved the quality of training of our specialists.

We hope that you will appreciate it very soon by interacting with our employees.

Opening an office for freight forwarding in Novorossiysk port.


As part of this project, we have opened our office in Novorossiysk and now we have the opportunity to offer our customers even more solutions to deliver cargo through this port.

At the of 2018, STALOGISTIC were already regularly transporting 100 containers through the port of Novorossiysk. The demand for this solution continues to grow.

Growth of STALOGISTIC competencies and capabilities in terms of oversized and project transportation.

We pay considerable attention to the growth of our competencies not only in the transportation of general cargo, but also in terms of solutions to delivery of oversized and project cargo. You can read more about our projects on the STAPROJECTS' website.


Additionally, we want to talk about a number of projects, the implementation of which will be continued this year:

1. Expansion of services in the EU market

In 2019, we will actively develop solutions for the delivery of goods not only in the CIS, but also in the territory of the European Union countries. An integrated approach and expanding the geography of delivery will enable us to offer optimal solutions for the required quality for our customers.

2. Development of key account management system in work with clients

We strive to ensure the best level of service for our customers and partners. We are actively developing important customer service solutions thus we can act as "one stop shop". This system in our company is the main assistant in providing solutions for better quality services for our customers.

3. SLA (Service legal management) – implementation of Quality standards in Customer service.

Along with our success and activity, we continue to strive improving our managers' skills for working with projects.

In order to ensure an appropriate level of qualification, we will carry out additional staff training in project management, as well as ensuring the implementation of internal methodology and standards for working with company‘s projects.


We are confident that the new solutions and opportunities in implementing strategic projects will provide to the highest level of service for our Customers and partners!

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