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STA PROJECTS successful debut at Breakbulk Bremen!

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Breakbulk is an international brand, under of which logistics events take place around the world. This year, our sub-brand STA PROJECTS took an active part in the exhibition, which this time brought together professionals from all over the world in Bremen, Germany.

Head of Development for the Department of oversized and project transportation Shurik-Chashina Suzanna shared her impression about this exhibition.

– Previously, STA PROJECTS participated in Breakbulk events as visitors, but this time for the first time with its own stand. What is the reason for the decision to participate as an exhibitor?

For the first time we were in a similar exhibition in Antwerp in 2013. The exhibition amazed us with the scale of the companies and projects presented. Then our team was just starting its way in this area. Five years have passed, during which we actively developed, and last year it became clear that now we have something to show and offer on this site! We decided that participation in Breakbulk in Bremen would be an excellent opportunity to strengthen the position in the project segment.

Any success comes with careful preparation. We approached the development of the design and concept of the stand with responsibility and creativity. We also invited a large number of clients and partners. At the stand, we placed large-scale photographs of completed projects. It was nice to see the reaction of our colleagues when they saw photos of our finished work.

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– Why is it important to transfer communication from the e-mail correspondence and telephone conversations to live communication?

With global de-logistics, project business remains the area where relationships play a key role. It is very important to be able to negotiate and find solutions in difficult situations. It is very difficult to do this without close and friendly contact; we understand that and invest in relationships.

– You went there with the entire team of the department. What experience have you got?

For young professionals, an exhibition is a unique opportunity to see market leaders, communicate with professionals and get a motivational charge. The team communicates with partners a lot by email and phone, but seeing everyone in one place is a great chance to bring closer positions for better communication. Further work and cooperation become personalized, because now you are personally acquainted with the person at the end of the telephone wire.

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– Have you noticed any changes in the market?

Significantly increased competition. If we talk about the segment of medium-sized goods, then it has long passed from the hands of freight forwarders into the hands of direct suppliers. And in the market of large projects in Russia, due to their reduction, there is a struggle for every single client. At the same time, all companies understand that today you are competitors in the tender, but tomorrow, if you do not have enough own capacities, you can become partners. It is very important in this area to be able to maintain relationships.

– How did the exhibition affect your future plans for development?

In project transportation, the time frame for the future is not limited to a quarter or even a year. We are already developing projects for 2020-2022. The elaboration of the project – is the longest and most important part, which requires careful and long preparation. Our competences are growing, and we are ready to take more complex projects and routes, to increase the weight and size parameters of cargo.

– How will you evaluate the effectiveness of participation in the exhibition?

Now we are summing up, where we denote the result in quantitative terms:

  • Number of meetings held with clients and partners.

  • Analytics of countries where our services have caused the greatest interest.

  • Financial result – the number of transactions with new or current project partners scheduled at the exhibition.

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