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New STALOGISTIC records in July

Recently, we shared the news that the Company starter the beginning of summer with new achievements in the number of orders, the volume of container transport and the tonnage of air traffic.

But we are not going to stop and continue to conquer new frontiers! Past July was no exception.


The growth trend of orders remains for the 5th month in a row! 

Our new goal is 5,000 orders and we are going to overcome it this fall.

With an increase in the number of orders, we maintain the quality of services, reducing the number of incidents and special cases. According to the results of the second quarter, the special cases in the Company became less than 1% of the total number of transports.

Also, in the last quarter, we introduced the practice of measuring internal eNPS, since we believe that this indicator characterizes the attitude of the company's employees to the client, which in turn affects the quality of the services provided.

The eNPS index in STALOGISTIC for the quarter was 70%.

Such a high level of eNPS allows us to talk about the presence in the team of a high level of mutual understanding, coherence and coordination of work, which makes it possible to focus on the main thing – providing the highest quality services to each client.

We are proud of our achievements and continue to move to new records!

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