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2019 Q4 Quality Results

At the beginning of February, STALOGISTIC held a quarterly meeting on quality. We are pleased to share the success and achievements of the Company in the field of quality for the last quarter of 2019.


STALOGISTIC's strategic goal for 2019 was to reduce the percentage of special cases, resulted by the Company’s fault, to 1% or less. Company's specialists actively worked to improve the quality of service and as a result, the share of special cases in the last quarter was 0.97%. Of the more than 14 thousand orders, only 138 were fulfilled with some faults.


The following table presents monthly statistics of special cases:

The DIFOT (Delivered in full & on time), DOT (Delivered on time), and DIF (Delivered in full) indicators below show what kind of special cases occurred in the Q4.

Delivered in full & on time (DIFOT):

Delivered on time (DOT):

Delivered in full (DIF):

Traditionally, in April, we will summarize the results of our annual customer survey, according to which we will announce the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for 2019 – customer loyalty to the company. 

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