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Features of import of medical masks

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, medical masks became one of the most essential commodities. This demand, in turn, led to a significant shortage and a significant increase in imports of these goods, mainly from China. However, not everyone is aware that medical masks are subject to special delivery requirements.

1.The sender of the masks must be their manufacturer and have a special production license. Buyers are not necessarily aware of this condition due to insufficient information.


2. The goods must pass an inspection which is done by the sender, which orders an inspection from state companies (a public list is provided). After the inspection, a report is issued, which will need to be submitted after the exported goods have been cleared through customs.


3.Prepayment due to increased demand is a direct consequence of the shortage of goods on the market. However, it has to be kept in mind in such situations that the goods can be sold to those who offer a higher price, despite "concluded agreements". It is therefore particularly important to work as closely as possible with the sender at all stages of the shipment. The final payment should be accomplished only after all goods were shipped from the warehouse.


4. Packaging must meet special requirements. View photos of the correct packaging here.

There are also requirements for packaging non-medical masks:
each box must have speclial labelling and a product serial number.

If you import masks from China, strictly follow all the requirements listed above. Our company is ready to provide transportation services and assistance in customs formalities. STALOGISTIC specialists will help to avoid difficulties and control the whole shipment and import of goods.

For any additional questions, contact air@stalogistic.com.

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