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Electronic document management in time of crisis: advantages, risks, personal experience

The preparation of documents (invoices, acts, contracts, instructions, etc.) in logistics is a really huge layer of work. Therefore, a few years ago, the company participated in a course on the maximum digitalization of documents’ workflow. To this day, we understand that this was the right decision, thanks to which it is possible to save time, money and operate with a high quality in the current global quarantine and remote work.

Key benefits

After the transition to EDI (electronic document management), savings on postal expenses and archive storage immediately became noticeable. At the same time, the speed of document processing has increased significantly, the quality of accounting and the speed of receiving payment from customers was improved.

We are able to evaluate the second part of the benefits when, for security reasons, we transferred most of the office to remote work and interaction with contractors began to take place during the quarantine. This did not affect the quality and speed of document exchange, as EDI eliminates the need to be in the office. The work continued virtually in an almost standard mode.

Preparatory work

The advantages listed above were made possible by the preparatory work done in advance.

We have been actively encouraging our contractors to move to electronic document management at all times. Thus, since 2017, all STALOGISTIC legal entities in the Russian Federation have been connected to the electronic document management system. We are happy to share our experience with contractors in organizing digital document management and we are pleased that the number of such participants and document turnover is constantly growing.

·       1981 contractors started to use STALOGISTIC electronic document management system

·       57.000 documents submitted through the electronic document management system in 2019

·       by 30% increased the amount of documents passing via the electronic document management system in comparison with the first quarter of 2020 and the last quarter of 2019.

2. With those contractors who are not yet using EDI, the exchange of original documents is required, which has become difficult in quarantine. Therefore, for employees involved in sending documents, we organized home offices with multi-function devices for printing and scanning documents. Such equipment and the unified document management system allows to work quietly from home, since the courier services are still working and offer contactless receipt and sending of documents.

Contractors who do not have an electronic document management system and are unable to accept the original documents will receive electronic copies from us and will receive the originals at the end of the quarantine.

Potential risks and how to avoid them

Despite the obvious advantages, the transition to electronic form carries some risks.

The workload of staff increases, especially if such a work scheme is completely knew to the employee. It also requires certain financial costs for connecting and maintaining the system. Safety must not be neglected either. Computers must be connected to the terminal and document transmission channels must be additionally protected.

Therefore, we provide full support and advices to our contractors who want to join the electronic document management. If you’ve previously tried to transfer your business to electronic document management, but for some reason it did not work out, now is the time to try again.

Contact our finance department via finance@sta-logistic.ru and our experts will help you!

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