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Delivery of an asphalt mixing plant from China to Russia

Route: Hebei (Langfang), China - the port of St. Petersburg - Murmansk, Russian Federation

Cargo: Asphalt mixing plant

Delivery method:

      road delivery of cargo from the place of loading to Xingang port;

      sea freight by container ship to the port of St. Petersburg;

      road delivery from the port of St. Petersburg to the destination.

Delivery Description

The cargo consisted of a dismantled asphalt mixing plant consisting of 72 cargo units with a total weight of 198 tons, including oversized cargo units. For the transportation of cargo, 21 units of container equipment of both standard and specialized Flat Rack type were used.

Our client was strict in terms of delivery under the contract of his customer in the Russian Federation. These requirements were because the equipment had to be launched in June for seasonal road construction work. Taking into account the importance of timing, we understood that we had no chance for a delay in this cargo.

Once the order was placed, an active process of preparation for the road delivery of cargo to the port of departure began. At the same time, interaction with the sea line to confirm the booking for the ship started and ended successfully. Within 4 days, all containers were shipped and delivered to the port of departure, after, they were loaded to the cargo vessel for the next closest departure.

Delivery of cargo by a sea vessel was conducted without a delay according to a pre-planned schedule, bearing in mind the constant communication with the sea line to control the time of arrival at the port of St. Petersburg. After prompt customs clearance by the client, all cargo was delivered from the port of St. Petersburg to the destination in just 4 days.

All participants in the process did an excellent job during this shipment. Despite the difficulties, we achieved the desired result, which everyone’s satisfaction.

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