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Russian Railways impose restrictions on the reception of goods in the eastern direction

26 october

# Market News

On the Nizhneangarsk – Kholodnaya section of the East Siberian Railway, work continues to eliminate the consequences of flooding. According to the press service of the Russian Railways, due to a sharp rise in the water level in the Kholodnaya River as a result of heavy precipitation in the Severobaikalsky district, a partial destruction of the shore-strengthening protective dam in the area of the settlement of Kholodnoye, followed by erosion of the earthwork of the railway track, occurred.

About 1000 meters of the canvas and 10 poles of the contact network were damaged. Through traffic, including freight trains, has been suspended along the BAM.

"The preliminary period of infrastructure restoration is up to 7 days. To quickly eliminate the consequences of the erosion of the railway is hindered by the continuing high level and speed of the flow of the river that has overflowed the banks," the telegram channel of Russian Railways says. – While the movement of passenger trains is organized by a bypass route on the Trans-Siberian Railway."

Freight trains will also be passed in the same way. But due to the fact that the Trans-Siberian railway is already overloaded, Russian Railways, in agreement with Roszheldor, are forced to impose restrictions on the reception of goods in the eastern direction. They will not affect perishable and food products.

Alternative options for changing routes or delivery dates are being worked out with other shippers.

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