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Multimodal freight transportation with STALOGISTIC is our network of reliable agents around the world, including WCA members. Through direct agreements with major shipping lines, we serve all routes required by our Customers. Our low prices are achieved through extensive shipment volumes, along with our specialized unit’s decade-long experience in dealing with sea, air, and land transportation.

Possible transport combinations:

  • sea freight + road freight;
  • rail freight + sea freight + road freight;
  • sea freight + rail freight;
  • air freight + road freight;
  • sea freight + air freight.


The benefits of container shipments

A sea container is a universal cargo unit with standard dimensions.

A container is the most common and practical transport unit in multimodal shipments.

Container goods are transported  by different modes of transport from door-to door without excessive transshipment.

Containers could be delivered to a Customer by sea, rail, road, or air transport, or any combination of the above.

Container goods have a faster handling in transit and within transshipment that results in a lower shipment cost. And the safety of the goods is guaranteed.

Strong partnerships with well-known maritime companies and container lines allow us to deliver goods of any category and complexity.

  • Sea and rail freight container shipping allows cargo to be delivered safely, regardless of weather conditions;

  • Goods are loaded into a container once at the shipper’s, and unloaded at the recipient’s warehouse;

  • The sealing of cargoes guarantees an additional layer of safety for the transported goods;

  • Our Customer manager provide expert advice and calculate alternative delivery options for the Customer;

  • Electronic document management and web-cabinets improve the quality and speed of engagement.



Our portfolio of Partners include leading rail operators and train & wagon owners.

  • We offer a selection of alternative routes of cargo shipments depending on the Customer's desired price, delivery time, and point of destination. Included are fast container trains, group, and carload shipments;

  • Rail international and domestic transport;

  • FCL and LCL rail freights;

  • Import and export customs clearance in the Russian Federation;

  • Transportation of cargoes in special temperature conditions or with the use of specialized containers;



STALOGISTIC provides a wide range of air delivery services:
  • International air freight shipments and export/imports between third countries.

  • Domestic air freight.

  • Combination of services: air + road transport, air + sea transport, air + sea + road transport;

  • European transit of goods with delivery to customs authorities at country of destination

  • Customs clearance at airports;

  • Cargo last mile deliveries from airports to your warehouse door;

  • Air delivery of special goods;



Our services' list and principal advantages of road delivery with us:

  • Our extensive portfolio of partners enables cargo shipments to any European country even during its busiest period;
  • We have a well developed pool of Suppliers and can deliver substantial shipment volumes even during peak seasons;
  • We provide FTL and LTL transport;
  • We provide with alternative delivery routes in case of transit restrictions;
  • Customers receive an automatic notification on an order's execution;
  • Flexible pricing and tariffs along with quotations and prices for long term contracts;
  • A personal Customer Manager who clarifies a Client's needs and finds their solution.



Logistics solutions for oversized, heavylift and project cargoes.

  • Professional advice on the organization of project cargo shipment;
  • Development of transportation routes and solutions that optimize the terms and cost of delivery;
  • Calculation of the cost of delivery, including the provision of reference values for making contracts and preparing commercial offers;


Warehousing and consolidation of goods in the European Union and China.

Additional operations are available for cargoes:

  • Consolidation of goods and warehousing in EU and China
  • Packing and repacking of goods;
  • Labeling of items
  • Sorting and palletizing of goods;
  • Survey of cargo packages with photoes;
  • WMS (warehouse management system);
  • Safe storage at type A warehouses.



We offer customs clearance at all customs offices:

  • Customs clearance at the following sea ports: Baltic, Kingisepp (Ust-Luga port), Vladivostok, Nakhodka (Vostochny sea port), and Novorossiysk;  

  • Customs clearance for road transport: Smolensk, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Tver, Bryansk, Sebezh;    

  • Customs clearance at rail stations: Khovrino, Vorsino, Silicatnaya, Kuntsevo-2, Zabaikalsk; 

  • Customs clearance at airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Pulkovo. 


Assistance in obtaining of required licenses and certificates for import or export.

Last mile delivery of cleared cargoes.

If a client requires custom clearance at any office not listed above, we can get it done.

Drawing up of requisite licensing and certification documentation.

Delivery of a cargo released for free circulation to the Customer’s warehouse.



Cargo insurance with STALOGISTIC.

A comprehensive range of services (delivery + cargo insurance) from a single company. You are the beneficiary under the policy. Cargo insurance rates offered by STALOGISTIC are as a rule lower than those directly quoted by an insurance company.

More reliable policy coverage. Complete support for cargo insurance transaction execution by STALOGISTIC. Complete support of an insured event by STALOGISTIC.

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